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iTech Gurus: Feed Your Mind With Everything Apple 

Most people these days don’t use all the features of their iPhones. While texting, calling, and emailing are all useful, you don’t get the value for money if other important features are not even explored, does that make sense?

At iTech Gurus, we intend to help customers know Apple technology. The training will show participants what’s really in store for them. Buying an iPhone or Macbook is no joke, so if you’re a customer, you better get what you just paid for.

Training Availability 

Apple training sessions can be done at the iTech Gurus store and online. Virtual training is highly recommended these days due to the risks associated with Covid-19. The management wants to help iOS users completely navigate the platform, so the risk of damaging the mobile device can be minimized.

Learn More With Us

Training can cover…

  • Photobook designs
  • Mastering the Apple fundamentals
  • Password management
  • Setting up newly purchased iPhones
  • Printer configuration
  • Wireless networking
  • Management of more than one Apple ID
  • Apple synchronization
  • And many more…


Get the most out of your training at fairly reasonable rates. Learn more and be an Apple expert user right after training.

Schedule Your Training 

The training can be scheduled online at your convenience. If you want to learn Apple technology fast, start now. There are two locations for this training, Cedar Falls and Urbandale. Feel free to select which location is best for you. Start booking now.  For further questions, call us using the numbers below. Dial the number and we’ll talk to you soon.

Cedar Falls – 319-268-8324