Mac Repair Services

If it is done at iTech it is done right!

As an Apple Authorized Service Provider, work at iTech is performed exclusively by Apple Certified Technicians, using only genuine Apple parts.

Depending on how many repairs we have in our queue, in most cases repairs are completed within 2-5 business days*.

** No Appointment Necessary! **


Warranty Repair

Only Apple genuine parts are used, meaning getting your repair done at iTech keeps your warranty valid. If your repair is covered under warranty, there will be no charge to you. Using Apple genuine parts also means your Mac will be valid for any future recall.

Are you covered under warranty? To check your warranty status, please visit: Warranty Lookup

Mac Repairs Performed at iTech.
  • Liquid Spill Repair
  • Screen / LCD Repair
  • SSD Upgrades
  • Track Pad Repair
  • Keyboard Repair
  • Logic Board Repair
  • DVD Drive Repair
  • Data Transfer and Backup
  • Hardware Upgrades and Installs
  • Software Issues
  • Hardware Issues
  • Mac OS X Install
  • Operating System Install
  • Windows Bootcamp Install
  • Power Supply Replacement
Mac Repair

Mac Service Pricing

AppleCare+ and Warranty repairs – FREE
Covers parts and labor, see AppleCare+ Terms and Conditions for details on covered repairs. Please note: software issues are not covered under the Apple Limited Warranty or AppleCare+.

Quick Fix – $14.99 – $29.99
Assisting with issues that can generally be taken care of quickly.

Diagnostics / Simple Repair – $69.99
Hardware/Software Diagnostics (Non-warranty repairs) – *Diagnostic fee goes towards cost of total repair.

Computer Restore – $69.99
Advanced software support or data transfers.

Backup & Restore/Data Transfers – $119.99
Advanced software support or data transfers.

Hardware Support – $119.99
One flat-rate price for any and all hardware repairs and upgrades. *Plus parts

On-Site Setup & Delivery – $99.99
(System setup, printer installs)

On-Site Service – $119.99 per hour
(Parts and labor to fix a machine are in-house only)

iTech Gurus: Repair Service for Your Computer Needs  

If you’re working on something and got an error message, we know that you might be unsure of what to do next. iTech Gurus can deal with almost any MacBook version in town. At iTech Gurus, our certified technicians are all using genuine Apple spare parts. 

Reasonable Timeframe 

Many computer repairs have a long waiting time because techs usually check the performance of major parts. Here at iTech Gurus, a MacBook can be successfully repaired within 2-5 business days. When our techs see the device and repair it, they will test the parts to make sure that your MacBook is up and running. 

Our Approach to Water Damage 

We do our best to repair and resolve every technical issue. Spilled water can seriously damage a MacBook, but here at iTech Gurus, it’s still not a hopeless situation. We repair MacBook even when others consider that a hopeless case. Our technicians are good at hardware installation and protection of other important parts inside the computer. Our people are Apple-certified techs who have repaired and tested every MacBook that they’ve come across. 

Keyboard Repair 

Most of us are computer users and we know that keyboards are very sensitive. How many of them are thrown away for repair every year? 

At iTech Gurus, we have seriously dedicated ourselves to repair even the most sensitive part of a computer. Our technicians were given the right tools to complete every task given to them. 

Mac OS Installation 

Is your MacBook not turning on? Are you getting a blank screen?  

There are times when a blank screen can just be fixed by a simple reboot, but if the same thing occurs again, iTech Gurus can assist you with that because the computer might need a Mac OS reinstallation. This type of Mac computer repair may take a while since our techs will diagnose the problem. You’ll get to know when backing up data is still possible. 

Here at iTech Gurus, we serve customers better!