Common Iphone Myths Revealed by Apple store in Cedar Falls

Iphone Myths

It’s a common understanding that you shouldn’t believe everything you hear; the same is true in technology. While most tech myths have (or had) some grain of truth, most tales are based on obsolete technology that no longer applies to modern applications. 

ItechGurus, the most experienced apple repair store in cedar falls, has come across various myths that our customers believed. After all, cell phones are one of the world’s most frequently utilized technology. As a result, there are several viewpoints on how to preserve the best. With that in mind, we’ve analyzed and compiled a list of some of the most common myths for your convenience and knowledge! Isn’t it cool? We thought so, too!

Common iPhone Myths Revealed by Apple store in Cedar Falls

Myth# 1 Never use a charger that the original manufacturer did not make.

Most people believe you should only use chargers made by the company that manufactured your device (e.g., Apple or Samsung). Stay away from counterfeit and third-party chargers if you want to keep your device’s battery from overheating or catching fire. Still, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) chargers are not the same. Power adapters from reputable brands such as Belkin and Xvid perform available at the Iowa apple store identically and are entirely dependable. Chargers should only be purchased from reputable electrical stores, whether in person or online. Check out our apple products for excellent quality and prices! 

Myth#2 Incognito Mode Provides Complete Anonymity

All modern browsers include a “private mode” that prevents them from saving and making your browsing history available to third parties. Private browsing does not keep your ISP or websites from viewing your browsing history. It also does not protect you from the prying eyes of police officers.

The same is true for VPNs, which may log your online activities. If you are concerned about maintaining your online anonymity, choose a VPN that does not record your online activities. ITechGuru provides Apple training as well that can help you understand the technicalities in a better way!

Myth#3 Do not charge your battery overnight.

It’s common knowledge that charging your phone overnight can cause it to overheat and break. Fortunately, that is not the case. The lithium-ion batteries in your cellphones are smart enough to detect when they are fully charged and will either stop receiving power or slow it down unless you want to spend more money than you already do on new batteries and devices.

Myth#4 A more significant number of bars ensures a better signal 

When people see more bars on their phone’s signal strength indicator, they assume that their reception has improved and their chances of losing a call have decreased. And this is frequently the case. However, the number of bars at the top of your screen representing available networks does not always correspond to your signal quality. They can indicate how close you are to the nearest cell tower in certain circumstances. While this may suggest that your signal is more robust than average, it may also indicate that many people in your area are using the same tower. That is, it is difficult to determine how stable your link truly is.

Myth#5 Before charging your battery, make sure it is completely dead.

Older nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride batteries were supposed to be completely drained before recharging.

However, lithium-ion batteries, widely used in consumer goods, have the most extended lifespan when recharged and kept between 40 and 80 percent capacity. In reality, lithium-ion batteries can be damaged if they are left at zero for an extended period. You can extend your life by storing your lithium-ion battery in a cool place.


These myths will surely help you understand the working and complications of your iPhone. Don’t forget to contact us in case of iPhone repair or consultancy.

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