Services You should Get From Apple Store In Cedar Falls

Services You Can Get From Apple Store in Cedar Falls

We are so dependent on our mobile phones that our day starts by stopping the alarm, and the day ends by using it. Whether we talk about a person who spends the whole day at home or stays outside for business, job or study, everybody needs to have a cell phone to get connected or updated. However, besides using this tiny device, it is also essential to take care of it. But there are still chances it can be damaged or broken for various reasons such as falling, soaking into the water, bad charging habits, and much more. So, at that point, you don’t need to worry because we, as a leading Apple store in Cedar Falls, provide the services for repair and replacement. 

Apple Repair Store in Cedar Falls Provides the Various Services

When looking for a mobile phone and the best apple certified store Urbandale do your research and also read customer reviews since they are quite important. We at iTech Gurus keep our ears close to the ground and put the suggestions we get into action to improve our client experience. So, here in this blog post, we will discuss some of the services you may expect from the Apple store in Cedar Falls

Phone Screen Repair 

If your smartphone’s screen is shattered, you may bring it to us. We carefully remove the broken glass without damaging the internals. After that, we replace the display with a new, original one to provide the greatest visual experience and screen accuracy possible.

Charging Port Repair

It makes sense that most smartphone users are prone to being rash and cruel when it comes to charging their phones. Users who plug in and unplug their devices improperly, use the wrong chargers, and act incorrectly cause their devices to stop charging completely. 

So, if your cell phone charging port is damaged or your phone is not charging properly, you can bring it to the Apple repair store in Cedar Falls. First, we diagnose the issue and then provide you with the services with complete guidelines. 

Water Damage Repair 

It’s a well-known incident to drop or spill your smartphone into the swimming pool. On the other hand, modern smartphones have an IP rating for being water and dust-proof. The fact that they are still not waterproof proves nothing. You may also require repair services if your phone is damaged by water. Bring your phone to Urbandale apple certified store; We will dry it completely, fix any damage, and put it through a rigorous test before giving it back to you.

Battery Replacement By Iowa Apple Store

After screen replacement, this one could be by far the most popular service. Because they are constantly being charged, lithium-ion batteries gradually lose their charge over time. So, if you find yourself constantly plugged into a wall outlet, it’s time to change that battery. New replacement batteries are available at our Apple store in Cedar Falls.

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